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29 May '15

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Front-End Developers – How to promote yourselves

As someone who has been in a position of trying to get the dream developer job myself and also trying to find developer talent to work with, I have seen the traditional methods of self-promotion become obsolete in recent … Read More

01 May '15

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Are you mobile friendly? If you’re not, time is running out…

Google are regularly updating their search algorithm. Most of the time, these changes are small and don’t effect the way your website ranks. However, occasionally Google will roll out a major update, such as Panda or Penguin, that can … Read More

25 Mar '15

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What does ‘Project Spartan’ mean for Developers

Whenever Microsoft announces anything to do with new web browsers, web developers across the land start getting twitchy. What new IE hacks am I going to have to learn?? And I hope someone creates a new IE JavaScript polyfill … Read More

06 Mar '15

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Semantic Search

If you were to walk into a café and say you were thirsty, the staff would understand that you were asking for coffee, tea, water, or another beverage. They wouldn’t dial 999 and think you were suffering from dehydration. In essence, they would intuitively … Read More

01 Aug '13

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Online Influence: The accuracy of Klout

Gauging a brand or individual’s online status is always tricky, but since Klout was founded in 2008 to help “measure and leverage your social influence”, everyone and everything can now be assigned a neat ranking on a scale of 1 to … Read More

01 Mar '13

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Post to Twitter without API & OAuth integration

I often find myself battling with OAuth and the Twitter API when I have a requirement to post to twitter from an external site or web app. So using basic jQuery I have found a simple to use solution … Read More

27 Jun '12

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Adding your App to your Facebook page

Anyone who has built a Facebook application will know the headache they encounter when trying to add the App to a page tab. The official Facebook instructions are: “To add an app to your Facebook Page, … Read More

01 Apr '12

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Redirecting IE6 users using PHP

I have finally bitten the bullet and decided not to support IE6 for many items of work. This short simple snippet of code identifies users using Internet Explorer 6 and redirects them to a IE6 holding page.

<?php $get_user_agent … Read More